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Health + Beauty Review: Natural Soap & Lotion Bar

DenaOctober 29, 2012

evolutionyou.net | natural skincare (5)

Lavender Vanilla Soap and Jasmine Lotion Bar.

Core Ingredients:
♥ Fruit & vegetable oils
♥ Homemade beer
♥ Goats milk
♥ Essential oils

Lotion bar
♥ Shea & mango butters
♥ Bees wax
♥ Essential oils

From the Velvet Soaps Etsy shop:
As a teenager, I have seen and learned from my family how to do pickling, canning, knitting, stitching, sewing, tailoring, and soaping. I ended up becoming a chemical engineer. Since our sons are away to school now, I had to do something to relieve the “empty nest” syndrome. How rewarding it is to make these natural soaps and lotions! From casting to wrapping and labeling, everything requires thinking, attention, creativity and a strong desire to get things done right.

My thoughts:
Since discovering the poison preservatives found in most beauty & skin products, I’ve been seeking high-quality, natural replacements. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled across the Velvet Soaps table at a local craft fair. I was drawn in by the delicious fragrances coming from the table. There were so many products that it was difficult to decide, but with some help from the lovely artisan at the table, I landed on the lavender soap and the jasmine lotion bar.

I have been thoroughly impressed with both products. Aside from making me smell divine, they work wonders on my skin. I’ve had a nasty dry patch on my left cheek for months, my tried & true favourites weren’t helping (not even raw coconut oil!). But after just two nights of using the soap & applying the lotion bar after my showers, the spot was gone. I’m thrilled. These are going to be my staples all winter.

I look forward to trying more products from the lovely Velvet Soaps. Be sure to check out the Etsy shop.

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