Visualization is the process of using your mind to imagine yourself achieving a goal. Research shows that when you believe you can do something, you are more likely to do it. Likewise, by imagining yourself achieving your goals, you are more likely to achieve them. Recently, in my own life, visualization has taken me to heights that I previously never dreamed possible.

“The first step to getting what you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.”

Here is a little hint, aim high! When you begin practicing visualization keep telling yourself, I will make this happen. Be specific about your intentions. For example— Wrong: I want to improve my relationship with my husband. Right: I want my marriage to be filled with love and compassion. I want to go days on end without arguing with my lover. We will practice consideration, improve our listening skills, and find time for romance daily. Make sure to flesh out your goals. In your mind’s eye, elaborate down to the small details about what you want to happen. Get specific. Be fearless. No goal is too large.

Once you have visualized yourself accomplishing your goals, it is time to act. Start by surrounding yourself with your goals. Write them down on colorful sheets of paper and post them everywhere— your office, the refrigerator, your dashboard, above your bed. These written reminders will serve as constant reinforcement and keep you on track. By keeping your goals at the forefront of your mind, you will maintain focus and keep your eye on the prize.

Carve out blocks of time, daily and weekly, to track your progress. Pat yourself on the back when you reach a milestone in your journey (even if it is a small milestone!). Positive reinforcement will keep you moving on the right path. Take that positive energy and keep moving.

“Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” —Will Rogers.

Keep a journal or a blog specifically to reflect on your journey. Take note of what is working, what isn’t, what you can do to get there faster, and what aspects of your journey might need to be revised. Use a goal tracking site to monitor your progress.

Practicing visualization is like building your castle in the air; but hard work and dedication will be your strong foundation on the earth. Keep yourself grounded in reality. Visualization can and will work for you. If it is a challenge at first, do not give up. Challenges and facing fears are your keys to personal growth. You can start small and slow. Set highly attainable, highly measurable goals. Monitor your progress. Celebrate each achievement. Remember that you are in control of how quickly or how slowly your life changes. You are in the driver’s seat. Never underestimate the power of your mind. Believe that your mind has the power to drive you to success.

As you begin this journey, be certain that your actions are aligned with your life’s purpose. Your daily tasks should connect to your short-term goals, your short-term goals to your long-term goals, and your long-term goals should connect to your life’s purpose. Yes, the first step to getting what you want out of life is to decide what you want. Know what you want from this life. Know what you must to do take yourself there. Visualize yourself doing it. Then go out and succeed. Success is at your very fingertips, reach out and grab it!

“Change your expectations for yourself: Expect the best, expect your fortunes to change, and expect a miracle.” —Dr. Wayne Dyer

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