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Must-Haves for Mama-to-Be

DenaMarch 14, 2013 | pregnancy must-haves

1. body butter // I’ve heard that stretch marks are genetic and that no amount of cocoa butter in the world will make a difference. For me, having lost seventy pounds in my twenties, it doesn’t make all that much difference. I’ve already got lots of stretch marks which I lovingly refer to as tiger stripes. Still, no matter how you look at it, there is a whole lot of stretching that happens to your belly throughout pregnancy. Just when you think it can stretch no more — it does! Moisturizing is good for you, whether it’s preventative or not. I’ve tried everything from raw coconut oil to various lotions, but so far I love Burt’s Bees Honey Shea Butter the most. It smells divine and it’s 99% natural.

2. full panel maternity pants // In the beginning you’re going to be so proud of yourself because your regular pants still fit and even if they don’t those cute “low-belly” maternity pants do. Mama, please don’t fool yourself. I promise you that it won’t be long until any shimmer of a hope of fitting into your pre-pregnancy pants is a faraway dream. Do yourself a favor and invest in full panel maternity pants from the beginning. I made the mistake early on of thinking I could get away with low-belly ones and it was a waste of money. Old Navy maternity has a great selection and they’re affordable, too.

3. natural soap + shampoo // I’ve gone almost 100% natural with all of my body care essentials throughout pregnancy. The harsh chemicals in most soaps + shampoos are scary enough for personal use but to use them when you’ve got a tiny miracle on board? No way. I love Velvet Soaps on Etsy.

4. nursing pads // Think that nursing pads are just for mamas? Think again. Women can start producing colostrum/breast milk as early as the second trimester. Plus the breasts become extremely sensitive throughout pregnancy. Dry skin, cracking and bleeding are common. Unless you’re washing your bra every single day, wearing a clean pad is great for sanitary reasons and to prevent embarrassing leaks.

5. lansinoh nipple cream // Speaking of embarrassing… (The faint of heart and all men can skip this one.) Typically in the second trimester, the nipples start to change. This happens to all women during pregnancy but the degree of change varies. For many women, the changes can be painful. Dryness, cracking, and bleeding are all common. I tried all of my usual dry skin remedies (coconut oil, olive oil, natural lotions) and nothing worked. Desperate, I started googling and found out about Lansinoh. It worked like a charm. Keep this on hand. I heard it’s especially helpful during breastfeeding. Your boobies will thank you.

6. natural tooth powder // Perhaps one of the strangest things that’s happened to me during my pregnancy is my sheer aversion to toothpaste. I have no idea what caused it. (Although maybe it was the five months of vomiting every time I put a toothbrush in my mouth…) Like it or not, dental health is always important. I still brush my teeth every day but I’ve started using tooth powder in addition to toothpaste. Even though it’s sort of a mess, it’s 100% natural unlike most pastes and it serves as a good alternative when you feel queezy about gooey paste in your mouth. I use mint powder from Aquarian Bath on Etsy.

7. vices // It’s important to indulge your cravings a little bit. You might find that you want for things that you never craved before. I’ve always been a salty snacks kinda girl but throughout this pregnancy I’ve had a constant craving for ice cream! I allow myself a sundae about once a week. It makes me + baby so happy that I don’t worry too much about the ten million calories. Everything in moderation.

8. activity // It’s so important to remain active throughout your pregnancy. I really never could have imagined how exhausted I would be and how much I would crave to lay on the couch, all day every day — but it is what it is. You’ve got to push through it and stay active though. I signed up for a membership at the local gym just so that I can use the pool. I also try to get in a good full body stretch at least every other day. I would like to be doing prenatal yoga, but… Looks like I’ve got some work to do myself!

9. natural lip balm // It’s so important to stay hydrated as everything tends to get dry so easily during pregnancy. Drink as much water as you can and use a little gloss to keep lips moisturized as well. Make sure to check the ingredients though. Many lip glosses are down-right nasty. Burt’s Bees has a ton of good options and I got this strawberry salve from American Apparel. | separator

I hope that this list is helpful and please be sure to add your own must-haves in the comments! xo

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