Rainbows & Bandana Bibs

DenaAugust 3, 2016



Okay those two pictures above are definitely my two new favorites. How sweet are my babes? And also, how big are they getting!? (Too big!) Ahhh, I’m so in love with those little faces!

The other day we had been planning a late afternoon picnic out in the yard. Finally the time came and we got all ready to head out. Just then we noticed the sky turning dark and within minutes it was pouring. It was such a disappointment! That last hour before bedtime is always one of the hardest of the day for me. That’s why I love to get outside at that time. Usually we take a walk to the park or have a snack & run around in the yard to get out our pre-bedtime jitters.



Since the rain was keeping us inside that day we did a little impromptu picnic on the kitchen floor. You can see those outtakes at the bottom of the post. The great news, however, is almost as quickly as that storm came on, it drifted away. With less than an hour before dark, the rain had faded to a light drizzle and we decided to adventure on out after all.




I was walking toward the grass, looking down at my camera, when Roman pointed up at the sky behind me, “Look, Mama, a rainbow.” The most gorgeous rainbow was, indeed, sprawled across the sky. The most stunning gift that follows many storms. I am so glad that Roman pointed it out to me, there’s a good chance I might have missed it otherwise! His curiosity and attention to detail constantly take my breath away. I have so much to learn from these dear babies of mine.



I’d like to take a moment now to talk about those adorable bandana bibs that they are wearing in this post. They were a gift from our friend, Ann, at Ikkletots Bibs. Ann is an amazing mama to two daughters, and a grandmother to three little ones.

She started Ikkletots Bibs with the hope of selling a range of bandana bibs with unique designs. Her pieces are contemporary with strong colors that coordinate with most outfits. Her quality-made bibs stay the course. I absolutely love them for my little ones. They are stylish and highly absorbent — perfect for drooling babies and messy meal times! Ann has over 155 five-star reviews and counting.

Her girl’s line of bibs are found here: girl bandana bibs and her boy’s line is here: boy bandana bibs. You can find Ann on Facebook and on Pinterest, too.



^^ My sweet baby girl! Doesn’t she remind you of Pebbles Flintstone? ^^




Thanks so much to Ikkletots for sponsoring this post and thanks to you, my friends, for reading! xo

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