Christmas card

  • Christmas Card 2015 //

    Christmas Card // 2015

    Dena December 14, 2015

    The above two images make up our 2015 family Christmas card. This year, I decided to do something silly and included an outtake on the back of the card. Plus, altogether it does a great job of capturing our lives at present — sweet & silly on one side, and bat-shit crazy on the other. Here are a bunch more shots from our Christmas shoot. My goodness, how I love…

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  • Merry & Bright!

    Dena December 25, 2014

    Merry Christmas, dear friends! I have so much to be grateful for today as I celebrate the holiday with my family. This year has been full of every kind of twist, turn, bump, and bruise — but here we are. Warm, full, blessed & full…

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  • Our 2013 Christmas Card & Outtakes

    Dena December 23, 2013

    A few weeks ago, I sat Roman down for his Christmas pictures. I draped a plaid blanket over our ottoman for the “background.” Then I placed another blanket on the floor for him to sit on & spread out some Christmas tree lights & baubles.…

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