Hakuna Matata

  • Hakuna Matata: Part Four

    Dena October 13, 2011

    Back at the Resort Early on we were warned about the “beach boys.” They were young Kenyan men that would troll the beach outside of the resort, selling their Kenyan goods — paintings, sea shells, bracelets. At low tide they would offer to take you out into the sea to explore the ocean life. Despite the warnings, I decided to head out to the beach boys at low tide for…

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  • Hakuna Matata: Part Three

    Dena October 12, 2011

    On Being the Minority Kenya was a culture shock to me for many reasons. One of the most eye-opening aspects of the trip was the experience of being the minority for the first time in my life. Whether on campus at Kenyatta University or out…

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  • Hakuna Matata: Part Two

    Dena October 11, 2011

    By the time we finally arrived to the dormitories in Nairobi, we’d been traveling for a full day without sleep. Still, everyone was excited so we headed down to dinner (Kenyan food is the most delicious I’ve ever had — all of it). After dinner,…

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  • Hakuna Matata: Part One

    Dena October 10, 2011

    The Adventure Begins I was taking a required elective, World Geography, during my senior year of college. If it hadn’t been for that elective, I would have never been in the Science Building at all. (I was an English Major with a Creative Writing focus.)…

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