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    Beautiful like me.

    Dena June 20, 2014

    Something happened when I turned thirty. I started loving myself again. In the months leading up to Roman’s first birthday, I fell apart. It was a regular self-hate fest around here. I was angry, sad, and mostly — disappointed — in myself because I had not lost all of the “baby weight” by the one-year point. You know how these things happen. Negative thoughts and self-doubt are quiet and scattered…

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  • Forget Resolutions, Let’s Talk About Weakness

    Dena January 3, 2011

    Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right. Weakness—we all have one (or three or fifty).  Whether you’re Superman, me, or you—you know what it is.  In fact, you’ve probably got a few of them.  Mine (in no particular order) are:…

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