• November “I Heart Faces” Challenge: Bella

    Dena November 5, 2013

    This is my submission for the November I Heart Faces photo challenge. This month’s theme is Pets. This is a picture of my beautiful Bella Beretta. I love her so. She has gotten less attention since Roman was born, but I don’t love her any less. She will always be my sweet, little girl. I’ve always adored this snapshot of her, looking so regal, guarding “her” backyard. xo

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  • Losing a Pet

    Dena June 9, 2011

    For the past two weeks I’ve been intensely struggling with Mika’s death. Long story short, she was my baby. I raised her from a tiny kitten. I considered her a daughter and not a pet. She was an inside/outside cat. She was a hunter. Sometimes…

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