Home Renovation

    Dena August 27, 2013

    When Matthew & I moved into our house almost five years ago it was a fixer-upper. (Fixer-upper being a euphemism for: a piece of…) I digress. An elderly woman lived in the house before us. It smelled like cat. There was a thin layer of mouse poop covering every surface & a thick layer in all of the cabinets & drawers. We would come to find that much of the…

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  • Minimalism: Get Rid of Clutter, Get Rid of Stress

    Dena June 29, 2011

    Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful. —William Morris I’ve been pursuing a minimalist lifestyle for well over a year now. I’ve had great success in some areas, and massive failure in others. This…

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  • Do what you can with what you’ve got.

    Dena May 31, 2011

    Sometimes Most times, life doesn’t pan out exactly as we plan it. Stuff happens. The dog gets sick. A tire blows out on the way there. Your flight gets cancelled. Your hair turns shockingly pink instead of golden blonde. The band never shows up. You…

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  • SWAN Saturday: Stress Makes No Sense

    Dena May 7, 2011

    SWAN (Stop Wasting Away Now) Saturday is a weekly dose of inspiration from me to you. Each week I will make a short video post about something on my mind. The posts will be unscripted & shot straight from my soul. Stop wasting away now,…

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  • Carousel — 04.09.10

    Dena April 9, 2010

    Hello Dear Readers & happy Friday! It’s been a bit quiet around here this week because I am preparing for vacation. Yahoo! I leave tomorrow morning and will be returning late next week. You will see a couple of guest posts during that time (if…

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