• 3/52

    Dena January 18, 2014

    3/52 — A snap of buddy a few minutes after waking up from his afternoon nap. We’re in the thick of winter over here. The week before last we were in a polar vortex (yes, really) and they’re calling for another polar blast this coming…

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  • Our Wood-burning Stove

    Dena December 2, 2013

    This month, we completed the installation of our new wood-burning stove. This is one of our first, and most important, steps toward sustainable living. Wood-burning stoves are one of the most energy efficient and environmentally-friendly ways to heat the home. Wood burners outperform both solar…

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  • Roman’s First Snowfall

    Dena November 13, 2013

    Yesterday morning we had our first snowfall of the year. The first snowfall is always magical but being that it was Roman’s very first, it was all the more special. Me being me, I just couldn’t resist bundling ourselves up & heading out into the…

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  • Baby Wears: Roman James in Poppy Rose (& A Giveaway!)

    Dena November 12, 2013

    My commitment to simplicity, has made me understand that quality is of the highest importance. Throughout my pregnancy and throughout Roman’s first six months, I’ve been continually challenged to maintain simplicity in the face of the sheer volume of “baby stuff” that’s out there. However,…

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  • Recipe: Easy Vegetarian Chili

    Dena October 7, 2013

    We’ve been having a gorgeous, Indian Summer this year. The leaves are turning their brilliant autumnal shades, but the air is still summer-warm. I feel doubly blessed to have my favourite month and my favourite weather at the same time. Even though it hasn’t quite…

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  • My Week in Pictures: 2.8.13

    Dena February 8, 2013

    We didn’t watch a moment of the Superbowl on Sunday, but we’ll take any excuse to get together and eat delicious food. That handsome guy is my uncle’s Weimeraner, Ruger. His brother, Gunther, was being camera shy. I’ve always been disgusted by toothpaste. The substance…

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  • The Necessity of Winter

    Dena February 16, 2011

    There is nothing easy about an absence of light or an absence of warmth. In fact, many people suffer from a recognized mood disorder called winter depression or winter blues. “People who have normal mental health throughout most of the year experience depressive symptoms in…

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