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I’ve been cleaning out my Google Docs today and I stumbled across a little note that I wrote to myself. I thought you might get something from it, too.

Intentions. Saturday, July 31st, 2010:
To gain clarity through peace of mind and heart. To quiet spirit. To live in the present moment and drown out all anxiety, fear, and worry by focusing on what is real.

Remember that life is peace, love, and beauty. The only challenges exist within β€œlife situations”. Life situations are not life. They are temporary situations.

Be kind to yourself.

Listen to your true spirit. Listen to your body. Nourish your soul — your spiritual self. Nourish your body — your mortal shell. Treat yourself with honor, love, sweetness.

Be strong. Create a force field around you — a shield, a wall, a barrier. Do not allow fear, ignorance, hatred, cruelty, sadness, or anger to pass through. Let in kindness, light, warmth, spirit, and inspiration.

Remember that there are no chains at your ankles, no tethers at your wrists. Remember that you are free to wander where ever the wind blows you. Remember that heaven and Earth are your playgrounds and you are a wandering spirit. Remember that you have traversed many lands and seas, and you will traverse many more. Remember that nothing can break you. Remember that your spirit is fire.

In love & light,

13 thoughts on “Waiting for a Sign”

  1. Well said, do good each day, believe in yourself and follow the Golden Rule. That is my daily motto and serves all situations well.

  2. It’s never the right time or the right place. Just go for it! What’s the worst that could happen. You fail. Oh well! The perfect sign says: GO FOR IT!….now…. before it’s too late!:)

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