Baby’s Been… (Christmas Eve Edition!)

DenaDecember 24, 2013

December has been an exciting month, including the most rapid developments Roman has experienced so far. Up until this month, his progress was slow & steady; but then December rolled around and bam!

  • He sat up on his own on December 1st.
  • He broke his first tooth, pushed himself up into a crawl position, AND started to army crawl on December 8th. (Huge day!)
  • He had been saying “Mama” all through November and then in December he started to say “Dada,” too.
  • Recently, he’s added a new “word” to his vocabulary, “Nee-nee.” It seems to mean help me because he says it whenever he wants something (i.e. to eat, to drink, to be picked up, etc.)
  • As of yesterday, he has three teeth that have pushed through, all in the bottom row. Poor baby.
  • He eats like a champ — three to four 4-ounce servings of pureed food a day, plus little bitty pieces of whatever I’m having.
  • We are still exclusively nursing & he nurses on average once every three to four hours.
  • Sleeping is much improved (as I wrote here) and we’re about 50/50 on sleeping through the night. On nights when he doesn’t sleep straight through, he typically wakes up only once to comfort nurse & quickly falls back to sleep.

You can click here to watch a little video of Roman “talking.” He gets really shy in front of other people, so Matthew & I are usually the only lucky ones who get to see this live & in-person.

Shop Roman’s Look:

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I hope that you & your family are having the merriest of Merry Christmas celebrations! xo

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