Our 10.5 month update is a lot like our last one with a few additions. Within the past week, Roman has started to stand without assistance for a few seconds at a time. The longest stretch so far has been about ten seconds. It’s a sure-fire sign that he’ll be standing up on his own and then walking before we know it. I’m tempted to say — I’m not ready — but I’ve realized that a baby’s growth has nothing to do with anybody being ready. It just keeps happening, and especially so when we’re not ready for it.

His little personality is shining through more each day. He is such a silly goose. He loves to laugh and he loves to make people laugh. He’s learned to blow through his nose. He will do it like a little bull and if someone starts to imitate him, he just thinks it’s the funniest thing in the world. His vocabulary is not expanding much, but his pronunciation is certainly improving. His words are Ella (Bella), Mamamamama (Mama), Deda (Papa). He’s also started pointing to the Gerber baby on his food jars and saying Bababababa (Baby).

He never developed an attachment to one particular item (like a teddy or a blankie). However he has started to show an attachment to things for a short while. He will pick up a marker or a spoon and he will carry it around for hours. If I attempt to take it away he will cry. Luckily I can still distract him with something else and he will soon forget about whatever it was that had gained his affections.

He’s started to give hugs and kisses. His kisses are really just him pressing his face into whatever surface he can reach, your cheeks, your breast, etc. It really is the sweetest thing. He’s also starting to wave hello and goodbye. He does it for M. and I all the time but he’s just started doing it to other people, too. He’s so very outgoing when we’re home, but he does get shy around other people. He warms up after awhile but he’s definitely the silliest and loudest at home.

As far as sleeping and eating go, things are largely the same. He very rarely sleeps through the night nowadays, but luckily just wakes once to nurse and then goes back down for the rest of the night. He continues to be a great eater and we’re still at about 50/50 with baby foods and solids, though we’re starting to inch closer to more solids. There isn’t anything that he hasn’t liked. He still has his favourites, but he’s not picky and I’m counting my lucky stars for that.

That’s all for this update. Until next time. xo

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  1. Love these photos as usual! And I can’t BELIEVE those photos of Roman with the big plastic spoon because I have photos that are almost identical of my Roman when he was a baby! He had a phase of dragging around a big black plastic ladle. *twins!!*

  2. oh man, that mischievous little look in the photo where he’s in front of his toy chest. GREAT! the lighting, too, is spot on. BEAUTIFUL. His update sounds a lot like Mia at that age πŸ™‚

  3. So adorable, as usual! Love him (any my guy) in blue! πŸ™‚
    We have only had a few seconds of standing on his own but I know that could change quickly at any time.

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