• Hangin’ Out in the Backyard

    Dena July 22, 2013

    After a couple of weeks of relentless heat, it finally cooled down enough on Saturday so that we could hang out in our backyard for a little while. The yard is beautiful this time of year. Our black-eyed-suzies and hydrangeas are blooming. Our spearmint took…

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  • The Simplest Days

    Dena July 16, 2013

    I remain convinced that sometimes the sweetest days are the simple ones. Perhaps it’s because when I’m slowed down, not doing too much, I take the time to really observe and appreciate how blessed my life is. Roman has been sleeping in his room, in…

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  • (Not) Sleeping & Breastfeeding

    Dena July 14, 2013

    Things are never what you expect them to be. During my pregnancy, my main concern about breastfeeding was that I wouldn’t be able to. I knew so many women that wanted to breastfeed but were unable to. I hoped and prayed that I would be…

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  • Baby’s Been…

    Dena July 13, 2013

    Roman James is 2.5 months old. The past couple of months have been incredible. I want to remember what he’s doing at each stage of his growth. This series “Baby’s Been” is all about what my baby has been up to lately. We had his…

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  • Two-Month-Old Roman James

    Dena July 2, 2013

    “There really are places in the heart you don’t even know exist until you love a child.” — Anne Lamott Our Roman James is two-months-old today. What a magical & intense eight weeks it has been. I wouldn’t know where to start to try and…

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  • Play Mat Time & Sleep Troubles

    Dena July 1, 2013

    My little Roman James is changing every day. This past week he has really started to “come alive.” He talks (in the sweetest little goo’s and gah’s), he smiles, and he even giggles! It’s incredible, he’s becoming a social little creature. He’s developing physically, too.…

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  • The Many Faces of My 7-Week-Old Baby Boy

    Dena June 27, 2013

    Roman James turned 7-weeks-old this week. His face has become so expressive! He’s got all sorts of looks & I love each one more than the next. Here are just a few of the many… I can’t even take THE CUTE! xo

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  • Roman’s Baby Bath Routine

    Dena June 17, 2013

    On Thursday, Roman James had his first bath in his “big boy” bath tub. The tub that we’re using is the Babies R Us Stages & Ages Newborn to Toddler Tub. I love the netting that goes across the top of the tub. It allows…

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  • a perfectly sweet day

    Dena June 13, 2013

    june twelfth was: wildflowers in the kitchen windowsill . lots of sunshine . long walks in the stroller . roses blooming everywhere . my sweetest five-week-old boy . the loveliest purple flowers i ever did see . fresh radishes from the farmer’s market. xo

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