Living & Leading with Passion (Part 3)

DenaMarch 16, 2011

Last week, I spoke to a group of students and professionals at the MAC IMA Regional Student Conference. This is Part 3 of my talk, so if you haven’t already, check out Part 1 and Part 2 before you go any further.

And now, let the games begin…

If you have trouble seeing the video click here.

i. Intensity (cont’d)

In part 2, I continue my discussion about intensity and overcoming excuses. To illustrate my point about how there is no excuse in the world that should prevent you from living and leading with passion, I show a short clip from one of my greatest inspirations—Nick Vujicic of Nick’s incredible story truly teaches us to overcome our own excuses—no time, no energy, etc.—and make incredible things happen.

If we have determination, drive, strength, and will—we can accomplish absolutely anything, no excuses necessary!

ii. Direction

This is one of my favourite parts of the presentation because I get to tell a story about some crazy caterpillars. I’ll save the story for the video, but suffice it to say that direction is extremely critical! Without direction—and solid goals in particular—there is no PAID.

Direction is the platform to a successful life of passion. It shows us where we need to go in order to create the life of our dreams. In this section I talk about the important things to remember in goal-setting.

iii. The Four Things We Need to Do

I close part 3 by discussing one of my favourite Buddhist quotes. There are four things we need to do in this life:

  1. Show up
  2. Speak the truth…

…And if you want to hear the last two, you’ll have to tune into the 4th and final part of my talk which will be posted tomorrow!

That covers Part 3 of my Living & Leading with Passion discussion. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out the final two things that we need to do in this life and to hear my closing call to action so that you, too, can begin living & leading with passion!


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