There is something so magical about the carnival. I remember going as a little girl and getting so excited about the colourful lights, the sweet smells, and the whirling rides. There’s not much in the world better than carnival pizza & cotton candy, is there? The little church carnival in my hometown is my favourite one. I have so many wonderful memories there — spending time with family & friends and getting my first kiss on the Ferris wheel! This year I got to take Roman for the very first time and it was oh-so-special. Even though he fell asleep in his carriage just a few minutes into our visit — I know he still had a good time. 😉 Honestly, I was giddy with excitement about bringing him for weeks. I can’t imagine how excited I will be once he’s old enough to get excited about it, too.

One of the things that I was most looking forward to about motherhood was getting to relive all of life’s magical moments through his eyes. And, it’s happening. And it’s so, incredibly wonderful.


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