A Day at the Fair

DenaAugust 5, 2013

All of the signs that summer is rolling to a close are upon us. Yesterday there was a cool breeze that whispered autumn and it broke my heart a little bit. When I was younger, fall was always my favourite season, but as I got older summer stole my heart. This summer has been the most special one yet because I got to spend it with my sweet Roman James.

It hurts to know that the season is quickly fading, but we’re soaking up every lost drop of it while we can. Over the weekend, we visited one of the best places in the whole world — the Sussex County Fair. It was a perfect day filled with family, greasy food, farm animals, and a wicked sunburn to boot. I loved every moment & I’m pretty sure that Roman had a blast, too.

Hope that you had a lovely weekend, too! xo

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