• 8/52

    Dena February 22, 2014

    The 52 Week Project – A portrait of my son, once a week, every week for one year. 8/52 – Bath time is quickly becoming a favourite time around here. Gone are the days of my tiny little baby’s eyes opening wide with confusion as…

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  • 7/52

    Dena February 15, 2014

    The 52 Week Project – A portrait of my son, every week for one year. 7/52 – This week, Roman has been trying like heck to stand without holding onto something. He’s using all of his little might and he’s so close. Watching his determination…

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  • Baby’s Been…

    Dena January 27, 2014

    All kinds of wild & crazy stuff has been going on around here! I hardly know where to begin. I’m going to break Roman’s development up into categories this time around because there’s just so much to talk about. Appearance This kid is growing like…

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  • Baby’s Been… (Christmas Eve Edition!)

    Dena December 24, 2013

    December has been an exciting month, including the most rapid developments Roman has experienced so far. Up until this month, his progress was slow & steady; but then December rolled around and bam! He sat up on his own on December 1st. He broke his…

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  • Something Extraordinary

    Dena October 17, 2013

    Something extraordinary (to me) happened this morning. Roman’s changing pad has always been one of his favourite places. I know, weird, right? I kind of get it though. It’s always been such a place of smiles and routine for us. From the time that I…

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