My cup runneth over.

There have been moments recently where the beauty of life brings me to my knees. Life teaches me — over and over again — that the human heart has a capacity for healing far greater than I could ever imagine. I’ve seen people rise up from the ashes of extraordinarily tragic circumstances, grow wings, and… | grandmother's buttons (4)

The Button Tin

My grandmother collected buttons in a red and yellow tin. As a girl, I played with those buttons for hours and hours and hours. I sorted them by size, by shape, and by colour. I named them. I made them into families. I knew which ones were friends and which ones didn’t like each other.… | records (3)

My Grandmother’s Records

My mother and her siblings have been going through the painful process of cleaning out my grandmother’s house. I’ve been in & out a few times. I took some things that have a lot of sentimental value to meโ€”drawings by a much younger version of me; the postcard that I sent her from Kenya; and…