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    Married with Children

    Dena August 7, 2015

    Recently, I stumbled upon the most beautiful post about marriage titled, Intimacy by Luana Holloway. The post starts off: Sometimes I lose my way to you in the day when everything we have created lies between us, the most beautiful obstacles. How lovely? How poignant? As a wife and a mother I feel like these words were plucked straight from my own heart. If there’s one thing that we, married…

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  • Home Renovation

    Dena August 27, 2013

    When Matthew & I moved into our house almost five years ago it was a fixer-upper. (Fixer-upper being a euphemism for: a piece of…) I digress. An elderly woman lived in the house before us. It smelled like cat. There was a thin layer of…

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  • Becoming Wife

    Dena August 1, 2012

    I love you. You are closest to my heart, closer than any other human being. You are my extension. You are my prayer. You are my belief in God. For better or worse you inherit me. —Anne Sexton The truth is that I didn’t think…

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  • A Magic Moment

    Dena July 7, 2012

    There was this moment on our honeymoon. We had just finished a late lunch. It was our last full day on the ship. We were sitting in the dining room next to a window with a clear view of the sea. Something became active inside…

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  • Throw Away ‘The Golden Rule’

    Dena January 30, 2012

    “Treat others the way that you would like to be treated.” You’ve heard it all your life. From the time you were old enough to understand, your parents advised you of the golden rule. Today, I’m asking you to forget it. It’s terrible advice! Treating…

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  • Ask Dena: Should We Stay Together for the Kids?

    Dena August 31, 2010

    Dear Dena, Should I stay with my husband and be miserable to make my kids happy? —Lisa Dear Lisa, Doctors, psychologists, and professionals are split down the middle on this issue. Half believe that divorce is the healthier option for families. The other half believe…

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  • Tired of Conflict Bringing You Down?

    Dena March 23, 2010

    Dealing With Conflict Conflict takes many forms—misunderstanding, frustration, ignorance, hatred, envy, and so on—but despite the cause, the result is largely the same: someone walks away with hurt feelings. The truth is, however, that this is not necessary. You can choose to be unaffected by…

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