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    Dena September 10, 2013

    This past weekend really started to feel like autumn. The leaves are beginning to change and fall. There is a crisp bite in the air. There was plenty of sunshine but it was time to break out cardigans, thermals, and knit hats. We had a…

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  • Four-Month-Old Roman James

    Dena September 9, 2013

    Yesterday my sweet boy turned four-months-old. He is a little cherub. I hear him let out a little sigh in the morning and I know that he’s awake. Tired though I may be, I am so excited to get out of bed, walk to his…

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  • Roman Eats

    Dena September 5, 2013

    A few weeks ago, we began introducing Roman to solid food. How exciting for a pudgy baby like him! The first thing that I gave him was a bit of mashed up avocado. Altogether it amounted to the size of a pea. I put the…

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  • Nobody Said It Was Easy

    Dena August 29, 2013

    Yesterday was one of those days. Running on “next-to-no” sleep. A baby boy that wouldn’t stop crying no matter what I tried, who every time I tried to nurse him, clamped down on my nipple and pulled as hard as he could. A husband who…

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    Dena August 23, 2013

    Just a couple of outfits that we wore to the Renaissance Faire. My denim shorts are actually jeans from Thyme Maternity that I cut into shorts and rolled up the bottoms twice. Similar ones here. These are my absolute favourite boots. My shirt is the…

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  • Dot & Army Napkins and The Best Guacamole!

    Dena August 21, 2013

    I’ve fallen in love with our new Dot & Army napkins. I have been trying to move away from using paper towels and paper napkins for awhile. Although using them is convenient — it’s not great for the environment and it just seems wasteful. Admittedly,…

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  • instagram snaps of life // 05

    Dena August 16, 2013

    Just a few random iPhone snaps from the past few months. It’s amazing how quickly Roman is growing & changing. It takes my breath away. This summer has been so blessed & lovely — these pictures are a beautiful reminder of that. / / /…

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  • Our Family

    Dena August 15, 2013

    You’ll notice a new page located in the menu of the site, titled “Our Family.” I figured that I should do an introduction to our little family for new readers & friends. The page will live here & I’ll update it from time to time…

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    Dena August 13, 2013

    (( My Victorias Secret t-shirt can be found here. // Roman’s Minnetonka boots can be found here. )) Even though I’m still holding onto about ten or so pounds of baby weight — I am *starting* to try and resemble a human being again. Style…

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