Way Back Wednesday: How to Forgive

DenaNovember 2, 2011

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Beginning today, every Wednesday I’ll sift through the archives & pull out one of my favourite posts from the past three years. This week, I am featuring a post from September 2009—How to Forgive. Here is an excerpt:

Forgiveness is a journey and like all journeys it takes time. You will stumble. The pain of betrayal will become so great at times that it will take you down. Some days will feel like an uphill climb. But, I promise you that the reward of strength and forgiveness will far outweigh the pain of hatred and vengeance.

“Forgiveness is choosing to love. It is the first skill of self-giving love.” —Gandhi

You must remind yourself everyday, every hour if necessary, that by punishing another (or yourself) you will continue to suffer. Only through forgiveness and time will you heal from the pain of betrayal.

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