5/52 — Buddy is starting to stand up. At the moment, he’s only able to pull himself up/lean on something — not yet standing on his own. It’s making nap time very… interesting. We lowered the mattress all the way to avoid any little swan dives onto the nursery floor. He pulls himself up in his crib but “forgets” how to get himself back down. So he proceeds to stand there, jumping & laughing (and eventually crying) until somebody comes and rescues him.

Just when nap time was starting to go so well… It’s a full-on debacle once again. Sometimes I have to go into his room six times and lay him back down before he finally falls asleep. Sigh.

I took these photographs earlier this week before & during Roman’s morning nap. I also snapped a few of Roman’s papa who was napping (or still sleeping) at the same time. I always love the guys in the morning sun light as it filters through the blinds. 🙂

Happy weekend, friends! xo

6 thoughts on “5/52”

  1. the ball is in motion, now! before you know it, walking! enjoy this immobile stage as long as you’s a whole new game after that 🙂 he’s the cutest!

    1. Thanks, Misty! I know that those days are close and my heart is already pounding just thinking about them. Heaven help us! xo

  2. Love your boys & your yellow walls…your pictures from the previous post was so beautiful, it somehow reflects your kind heart & yap I can read pictures…:)

  3. :)! Lucy just figured out how to sit down gracefully after pulling up. It started with a hail mary and just let go and see what happens. That worked a few times too many unsuccessfully. It passed pretty quickly, but the ‘rescuing’ 80 times a day did get old pretty fast haha.

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