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  • Daily Homeschool Rhythm

    Our Daily Homeschool Rhythm During Lockdown

    Dena April 22, 2020

    Hello, friends! Happy Earth Day! We are presently smack in the middle of week 6 of pandemic homeschooling. It’s definitely taken a bit, but I’ve finally found a rhythm that feels good for us. I know that many parents are still struggling to find that rhythm, so I wanted to share what is working for us. Also, I just want to say upfront that this didn’t happen overnight and the…

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  • free earth day printable

    Free Earth Day Printable

    Dena April 21, 2020

    Tomorrow is Earth Day! I made this sweet little free printable for all of us who will be homeschooling our littles tomorrow. 🌿🌎❤️ Click here to subscribe to our emails & receive your free printable.

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  • Simple Steps for a Detox During Lockdown

    Dena April 20, 2020

    Hello, friends! I hope that you are holding up okay. Here we are starting week six of lockdown. It’s almost unthinkable, but we are all struggling with negative thoughts, confusion and anxiety together. Each time I have this conversation, I come around to the same conclusion: that we all must continue to take it one day at a time–and sometimes–one hour at a time. This has been one of my…

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  • Homemade Pasta

    Dena April 14, 2020

    A Short Tale of Pasta and Self-Made Pasta Spaghetti, macaroni, alfredo, tortellini, lasagna, tagliatelle, penne – do any of these titles ring a bell to you? If they do, then you’re probably a pasta lover much like myself. You simply can’t go wrong with pasta. You can flavor pasta any way you want to. Whether you use a pre-made sauce or you make your own sauce. Some pasta can even…

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  • honey bee installation

    Bringin’ Home a Baby Honey Bee…

    Dena April 8, 2020

    Over the weekend, another one of our long-time dreams came true: We got honey bees! J. and I have both been dreaming of having honey bee hives for years and years. A long time ago when we both realized it was something that we wanted, we set a goal to have them one day. Last year, we talked a lot about where we would put the hives and he started…

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  • starting seeds

    The Pandemic & Our Seedlings

    Dena April 7, 2020

    We’ve just started our fourth week in quarantine. We’re going on a month of isolation. A couple of days before the decision was made to close my children’s school, I was in parent teacher conferences with their teachers. Roman’s teacher asked me if we had a computer and internet service in our house in case it became necessary to move to online learning. It was a jarring thought. It made…

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  • Ringwood Manor

    Thoughts on Blended Family Life…

    Dena April 4, 2020

    There is so much to say about blended family life. It’s not something that I ever anticipated for myself; but life has a funny way of doing that, doesn’t it? Presenting you with the unexpected. Sometimes it feels like my little family just expanded overnight and other times I can see the long, winding road that led us to this place. And either way, it’s beautiful, and something that is…

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  • livelovesimple.com

    Oh Deer! Marina’s 5th Birthday Party

    Dena March 29, 2020

    This was certainly an interesting year for Marina’s birthday celebrations. I had been planning her party for months and as it turned out the date I chose was situated just at the beginning of the pandemic craziness. Gratefully, the shelter in place recommendations had not been set in place yet and we had only invited a small group of our closest family and friends. Even so, I took a lot…

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  • starting seeds

    Planting Seeds and Finding Hope

    Dena March 23, 2020

    Happy Monday, sweet friends. What a strange time we are in. So much has changed in the ten days since I shared my thoughts on the pandemic. At that point, it was just a looming anxiety over what was to come. Now, as we approach the eye of the storm, we find that much of what was feared is coming to pass. Our family lives in New Jersey which borders…

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