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DenaAugust 10, 2010


One of the greatest insights that has come out of modern physics is that of the unity between the observer and the observed. The person conducting the experiment—the observing consciousness—cannot be separated from the observed phenomena and a different way of looking, causes the observed phenomena to behave differently. —Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now

The power that you possess to create and change the world around you—for better or for worse—is greater than you could ever imagine.

Have you ever heard someone say, “The world does not revolve around you!” Yes? Well, forget that sentiment right now! The world—your world—does in fact revolve precisely around you. You are the epicenter of your universe, you are the sun. Furthermore, everything around you—other people, nature, inanimate objects, and so on—are all connected to you. You are one with everything from your pet dog, to the stars in the sky. You are made up of the same material (particles); you came from the same place at the beginning of time; and you will return to the same place at the end of time.

The Connection Between the Observer and the Observed

At the end of the Nineteenth Century there was a major shift in our scientific understanding. Prior to the Twentieth Century, we believed in the Newtonian laws of nature: there was an inherent order in nature (the law of gravity, for example); nature was made of fundamental building blocks of matter, like atoms; time and space were considered absolutes (the same for anyone anywhere); and finally, nature was perceived as passive (every particle continues in its state of rest… until an external force acts upon it).

Enter new physics and we encounter a massive shift in thought. Einstein showed us that time and space were not absolutes. Time and space were different for different observers, as we are all on the move, relative to one another, including our earth, which moves in its orbit relative to other celestial bodies. This meant that we do not have an absolute reference point to measure time and space absolutely. And so the idea of space-time came into being.

Sit next to a pretty girl for an hour, it seems like a minute. Sit on a red-hot stove for a minute, it seems like an hour. That’s relativity. —Einstein

With the arrival of the quantum theory, it was discovered that matter, when broken down to its most elementary parts, does not show building blocks as expected, but rather a web of interconnections. Nature is not made of particles as it were, but displays a field of connections. When broken down, those connections show two important things:

  1. Everything is connected.
  2. Everything influences everything else.

Harnessing the Power of Interconnectedness and Causality

Interconnectedness has many meanings, in this post it is the idea that all things are connected and thereby you, too, are connected to all things.

Causality is the relationship of cause and effect.

By harnessing the power of these two things, you can improve your life exponentially and create the life of your dreams. However it is critical to understand that while these things can cause tremendous positive change, they can also cause unthinkable damage. In fact, most people suffering from anxiety or depression are suffering because they are already harnessing the power of interconnectedness and causality but they are using this power the wrong way.

You move in the direction of your most dominant thoughts.

It is true that you are connected to all things and that you have the power to influence all things. Your power to affect exists primarily through the vehicle of your thoughts. If a person is suffering from anxiety or depression, it is very likely that his most dominant thoughts are negative and irrational. This person is likely living in the past—causing depression, and in the future—causing anxiety. As negative and irrational thoughts pile up, the person sinks deeper into the hole of depression and anxiety. As the person dives deeper into this negative state of existence, he also begins to create a world of negativity around him.

Have you ever known a person that seems to live under a perpetually dark cloud? It’s always raining on this person. She has the worst luck. Whatever can go wrong, does go wrong. And so on… Guess what? I used to be that person. I truly thought that I was cursed. In fact, certain members of my family even attribute a bad luck curse to our last name.

Thankfully, I have long-since realized how ridiculous that is. The truth is that there are no perpetually dark clouds, no curses, and no such thing as bad luck!

When I work fourteen hours a day, seven days a week, I get lucky. —Armand Hammer

Negative life situations stem from negative personal outlooks and negative dominant thoughts.

On the other hand, if thoughts of love, happiness, peace, success, abundance, and gratitude dominate your thoughts—your life will move in that direction. Not only will you feel good, but you will begin to attract these good things to you. You will find that the things you have long-wished for will start to enter your life. Through positive thinking and harnessing the powers of interconnectedness and causality, you will create the life of your dreams.

This is not magic and it is not “the secret” law of attraction. It is simply positive thoughts creating positive energy attracting positive results. It stems from hard work, goal-setting/accomplishment, and an optimistic attitude even in the face of adversity.

Here are some simple ideas to get you started:

  1. Practice minimalism.
  2. Get rid of the negatives in your life: people, places, things.
  3. Use visualization to set & accomplish your goals.

Create the Life of Your Dreams

In order to truly understand the message in this post, you must experience it for yourself. I have worked with countless colleagues, friends, and clients who have been stunned by the results of a simple shift in thought—from negative, irrational to positive, rational. Once you harness the power of causality and infuse your thoughts with love & light, nothing will stop you from creating the life of your dreams.

It is not enough to read this post or to believe these words. You’ve got to do it. See for yourself. Start changing your thoughts—and your life—right now.

P.S. If you are interested in the scientific aspect of the connection between the observer and the observed and the law of causality, check out this incredible paper by Ben Goertzel. It’s really “deep” but absolutely fascinating.

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