• meal prep

    Habits: Meal Planning & Meal Prepping

    Dena February 2, 2023

    In my last post, I talked about my recent success with habit tracking and scaling back habits. Today, I want to dive into a habit that is going very well, but previously had been a long-time struggle for me—eating too much takeout. The negative health and financial impacts caused by eating too much takeout are devastating. The average American household spends thousands of dollars a year on dining out. It’s…

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  • Scale Back Your Habits

    Dena January 17, 2023

    I am in the midst of the most successful month that I have had in 4 years. These last few years, I have been struggling to get my life in order. Remaining consistent with basic habits was a challenge for me. I could not build…

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  • Cleaning Out My Closet

    Dena January 24, 2014

    Remember how mortified I was after sharing a peek of my closet? Ugh. Well, I finally got around to cleaning that thing up. It was an emotional process and I did it in two parts. As I mentioned in the challenge post, the first part…

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  • Day 22: Your Worst Habits

    Dena November 22, 2013

    + Overeating/eating poorly + Passing judgment + Doubting myself + Not exercising + Cursing + Not reading often enough + Not brushing, flossing & rinsing every day/night + I have a hard time saying no Like most people, I could spend a lot of time…

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  • Healthy, Happy Habits in 2011 (Two-Thousand & Heaven!)

    Dena January 6, 2011

    Whether you like resolutions or not, the start of a new year is a good time to implement positive change.  You can throw out the old calendar (and old memories) and start a new journey with a clean slate. Not surprisingly, most people (88% according…

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