New Jersey State Fair

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    A Hot Day at the Fair

    Dena August 6, 2018

    Yesterday we made our annual family trip to the county fair. Now I’ve been going to this particular fair for as long as I can remember, and being that it’s in August, it is always hot. However, yesterday took things to a whole other level. For the first time that I can recall, every single person that we passed was visibly sweating through their clothing. Heaven help me, it was…

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  • Life is Magic: The County Fair

    Dena August 15, 2017

    When I think about the magic of summertime, the County Fair always comes to my mind. Some of the sweetest memories of my life were made at the fair. Most people don’t realize it, but New Jersey is actually home to thousands of acres of…

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  • A Trip to the County Fair

    Dena August 9, 2016

    The county fair has been one of my favorite summertime traditions since forever. There is something absolutely magical about it. From the delicious food, to the adorable animals, to the fun shows — I love it all. Yesterday we made the annual drive out to…

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  • A Day at the Fair

    Dena August 5, 2013

    All of the signs that summer is rolling to a close are upon us. Yesterday there was a cool breeze that whispered autumn and it broke my heart a little bit. When I was younger, fall was always my favourite season, but as I got…

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  • Trading Cash for Experience: New Jersey State Fair

    Dena August 11, 2010

    Preface: I’m not a fan of money, spending money, or obtaining material possessions. In my life, I practice minimalism whenever possible. My opinions about money & possessions are largely shaped by my financial history. Despite the facts that I am frugal & that money is…

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