• Why Pumping Doesn’t Work for Us

    Dena October 21, 2013

    Mother Breastfeeding her Baby, by Louis Fleckenstein, c. 1900. I am going to write a series about breastfeeding. For many women, myself included, breastfeeding is one of the most challenging aspects of new motherhood. I am not an expert, but I have been doing it…

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  • Something Extraordinary

    Dena October 17, 2013

    Something extraordinary (to me) happened this morning. Roman’s changing pad has always been one of his favourite places. I know, weird, right? I kind of get it though. It’s always been such a place of smiles and routine for us. From the time that I…

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  • Baby’s Been…

    Dena October 1, 2013

    “These are the days that must happen to you.” — Walt Whitman I virtually skipped Roman’s four-month-old update post. It’s been so hard to write because things keep changing so much every day. Yes, he is developing and growing — that is to be expected…

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  • Four-Month-Old Roman James

    Dena September 9, 2013

    Yesterday my sweet boy turned four-months-old. He is a little cherub. I hear him let out a little sigh in the morning and I know that he’s awake. Tired though I may be, I am so excited to get out of bed, walk to his…

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  • Work/Life Balance as a New Mom

    Dena September 6, 2013

    Over the summer, when my maternity leave ended and I resigned from my job, I never anticipated that I’d be working more than ever. Of course I knew that being a stay-at-home-mom would require a ton of work; but what I didn’t expect was that…

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  • Baby Weight Loss: Smoothies

    Dena September 4, 2013

    I’ve been working to lose the fifty pounds that I gained during pregnancy. It’s been coming off pretty steadily but the last ten pounds seems to be sticking. It is likely because I am breastfeeding, and as such, eating like a horse that got loose…

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  • Like Father, Like Son

    Dena September 3, 2013

    Pregnancy is as much a waiting game as it is anything else. And I am not good at waiting. The first twenty weeks, while we waited to find out our baby’s gender, were excruciating for me. A few folks asked if we would “find out.”…

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  • Nobody Said It Was Easy

    Dena August 29, 2013

    Yesterday was one of those days. Running on “next-to-no” sleep. A baby boy that wouldn’t stop crying no matter what I tried, who every time I tried to nurse him, clamped down on my nipple and pulled as hard as he could. A husband who…

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