Eight-Month-Old Roman James

DenaJanuary 7, 2014

The months are flying by now. It feels like I just did our seven-month post, and here we are at eight. I suppose that’s how it goes. Sigh. There are two big changes of late and they both begin with the letter A — activity and attitude. My little guy has become crazy active. He is halfway between army crawling and real crawling, but he is 100% all over the place. He is into everything, particularly everything that he shouldn’t be into. There can be twenty toys spread out across the living room floor, but he heads straight over to my houseplants. He’s intrigued by outlets, anything made of glass, and pretty much anything & everything that is potentially dangerous. By the end of the day, my arms & my legs are tired. Non-stop, involuntary bicep curls and squats! (And why isn’t this baby weight going anywhere!?!) 😉 He’s also — sadly — developed an attitude this month. My sweet little boy. I can’t believe it! Really? An attitude at eight-months? Oh, yes! He doesn’t like it when you take away whatever (usually dangerous) thing he is playing with. He doesn’t like it when you try to clean his messy little face. And cleaning his ears — forget about it! He let’s you know exactly how he’s feeling, too. Of course, he can’t talk, but he’s got a whole range of “verbal” responses for things he doesn’t like.

The good news is that baby boy still loves to be in his mama’s arms. He gets a little discontent if we’re sitting for too long. But if we’re walking around, he could stay in my arms all day. I am cherishing every sweet drop of these precious moments — I am learning too quickly just how fast they will pass. I’ve become obsessed with his little feet. They are so soft & sweet. Oh those, little toes. I spend many of my waking hours kissing those sweet, little piggies and I can’t get enough.

Oh, eight-month-old, Roman. You are a real pip. You’re quick & you’re fiery, just like your Papa. You’re also extremely particular, just like your Mama. We love you so. Just when I think that my heart is as big as it can be and my love for you has grown as strong as it can grow — my heart grows bigger and my love for you grows stronger! Always & always & always.

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  • farzana

    January 8, 2014 at 9:11 am

    AWW..I just love those deep blue eyes!

    What happened to the facebook comment box? I spend a whole night figuring how to put it in my blog, BUT didn’t do it eventually. Did you take it off?

    1. Dena

      January 8, 2014 at 9:13 am

      Yes, I took it off. Some readers were having issues using it and I also found out that the comments would not be retained on my blog if I took it away. (I.e. there would be no history if I ever chose to switch commenting systems.) The whole experience was disappointing and the comments that were left while it was installed are now gone forever. It’s disappointing, but I am glad I realized it sooner rather than later. I’m returning to the standard system which never gave me any problems. The grass is always greener… right? ;]

      1. farzana

        January 12, 2014 at 2:52 am

        I got so excited over the FB comment box because most of my friends are in FB! But thanks to you love, I am saved from a lot of troubles!

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