• Camp Roman James!

    Dena June 23, 2014

    I am so excited to finally share the details and photographs from Roman’s camp-themed first birthday party. It really was the best day. I planned and crafted for months in preparation for the big day — it was a lot of work — and it…

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  • A Sneak Peek at Camp Roman & Some Thank-You’s

    Dena May 13, 2014

    Today I’m going to share just a few snaps from Roman’s 1st birthday party at Camp Roman! I actually kept my camera in the car for nearly the entire day and allowed our sweet photographer, Kate, to capture everything. I knew that her photographs wouldn’t…

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  • Camp Roman // Pillows, Bean Bags & Roman’s Vest!

    Dena May 2, 2014

    The Camp Roman decor is coming right along. I can’t believe that the party is in less than two weeks! I’ve been planning it for six months (clearly, I am the opposite of a procrastinator) and I’m so excited that it’s almost here. All of…

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  • Birthday Party Planning: Camp Roman!

    Dena April 1, 2014

    Roman’s 1st birthday party is just a month away which means that this mama is in full-blown party planning mode — my favourite mode to be in! My office is literally being taken over by party supplies & party craft projects and… I love it.…

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  • Pizza Party!

    Dena March 4, 2014

    Last week we celebrated my nephew Brian’s 5th birthday and his brother Aden’s 1st birthday. We had a pizza party at Chuck E. Cheese on Friday night & a birthday bash at my sister’s on Saturday. It was a weekend of fun festivities to celebrate…

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  • Our Halloween Party!

    Dena October 28, 2013

    We had our little Halloween party on Saturday. It was everything that I’d hoped for. Preparing for a party is a lot of work — cooking, cleaning, decorating — but when it all comes together, it’s so worth it. We all had a great time…

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  • Halloween Party Planning with Papir Vendage

    Dena October 23, 2013

    You guys! I am so excited! This weekend we’re hosting our 1st Annual Halloween Party! I’ve been wanting to do this for ages. Our house is tiny and we can’t fit too many so it will just be my immediate family… but still. I’m so…

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  • A Birthday Party!

    Dena September 27, 2013

    As promised, I am going to start sharing some of my professional photography here on the blog. Over the summer, I was invited to shoot sweet Rylee’s 1st birthday party. It was a blast and she is an absolute doll. Here are some of my…

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  • Matthew’s 30th Birthday!

    Dena June 21, 2013

    Yesterday was Matthew’s 30th Birthday! It’s pretty incredible to me considering that he was only 23 when we started dating. In many ways, it feels like we have grown up together, and I love it. I am so proud of the man, husband, and father…

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