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Let Go

DenaJuly 29, 2016

let it go
let it leave
let it happen
in this world
was promised or
belonged to you

all you own is yourself — rupi kaur

Let Go // livelovesimple.com

We all struggle with something. Certainly there isn’t a soul among us who has it all figured out.

For me, the thing that I’ve struggled with the most in recent years, and over the course of my life, is the illusion of control. I say the illusion of control, rather than simply saying control, because there really is no such a thing as control.

As my wise therapist once pointed out– You were never really controlling things, Dena. You were simply manipulating situations frantically and convincing yourself that you had power. You never really did. No one does.

There are only choices and consequences. A brutal truth, but a powerful one nonetheless. Choices and consequences. Recently, I’ve been making more of a valiant effort to let go and let God. Instead of trying to “control” situations and people, I am instead focusing on my choices — which is the only real thing that I can control. I am trying to make healthy, loving choices. If I can accomplish that, it’s all that matters. From there, whatever happens next is in God’s hands.

Perhaps this is a simple and obvious conclusion, but for me it’s been deeply helpful. What a weight off of my shoulders to stop squeezing the life out of everything with a white-knuckle grip and to simply let go.

Wishing you love and peace, friends. If you enjoyed this post, you might also like this one: We don’t have to suffer. We can choose happiness.

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