• 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Toddlers

    Dena November 4, 2022

    Hey sweet, friends! I am here with my third holiday shopping guide of the season. If you missed my previous ones, here is my Gift Guide for Him and my Gift Guide for Her. Today I am here to bring you my gift guide for…

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  • 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Her

    Dena November 2, 2022

    Hello, friends! I am back today with the second installment of my holiday shopping guides. Yesterday I shared my Gift Guide for Him and today I am here to share my gift guide for her. I truly love every item on this list. These are…

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  • 2022 Holiday Gift Guide for Him

    Dena November 1, 2022

    Happy November 1st, friends! This year, for the first time, I started my holiday shopping early! I actually started in October. I wanted to give myself plenty of time this year so that I could find perfect gifts and work within a budget. I want…

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  • How to Control Blood Sugar With Gestational Diabetes

    Dena October 21, 2022

    During my twin pregnancy, one of the first things that my doctor told me was that I was at increased risk for gestational diabetes. Gratefully, I did not develop this condition, however, through the pregnancy I remained mindful of the risk factors and worked to…

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  • A Simple Formula for Weight Loss

    Dena October 19, 2022

    If you haven’t read my post, The Simple Equation for Fitness, read that before you read this one. In that post I talked about the fundamentals of weight loss and gain, as well as my personal history with the topic. It is a critical precursor…

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  • The Simple Equation for Fitness

    Dena October 12, 2022

    Let’s talk about physical health, particularly our physical bodies and body weight, also called fitness. I could write a novel on this topic, you know. I have run the gamut on it. In my lifetime, I have been everything from obese all the way to…

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  • Favorite Shackets for Autumn

    Dena October 6, 2022

    I have been absolutely loving the shacket trend. I got my first one last year and I was hooked. They are cozy and warm, yet stylish. I love to wear mine layered with a t-shirt or tank top underneath. They are perfect with jeans or…

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  • Types of Cognitive Distortions

    Dena October 5, 2022

    In my last post about anxiety, I shared a cognitive behavior therapy Thought Tracking Sheet. If you suffer from anxiety, this sheet can change your life. By tracking our thoughts and learning how to observe them and change them with the sheet, we can develop…

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  • What You Really Need for Newborn Twins

    Dena September 28, 2022

    Like everything else that I have tried to do since the twins were born, this post took me way longer than I had planned. I initially started writing this for a friend who was pregnant with twins. I wanted to give her a succinct list…

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