• crowded kids bedroom

    Simplifying a Kids Bedroom: The Before

    Dena May 11, 2020

    Many years ago as I prepared to become a mother, I had a list of lofty ideals about the kind of mother I would be. In my mid-twenties, I adopted a minimalist lifestyle and I wished to incorporate those ideals in motherhood. I fell in love with the clean, practical, heart-centered principles of the Montessori and Waldorf methods. I sought to create clean, colorful, natural living and play spaces for…

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  • Home: Living Room in Summer

    Dena July 20, 2018

    “Like the way the valleys of the earth cup their hands for light and drink, like the way the desert opens up its sweet mouth and laughs” –Hafiz How are you, my dear friends? Today is the 20th of July. It’s morning and I am…

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  • October Musings // Magic is something you make.

    Dena October 16, 2017

    Hello, friends! I can’t believe how long it’s been since I last updated, too long I think. However, it has been such an incredibly busy season for me. While my heart is always in this space, I always have ideas for posts and projects that…

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  • Wildflowers & Monday Morning Thoughts

    Dena August 28, 2017

    Happy Monday, friends. I hope that you had a lovely weekend. The weather has been so gorgeous here. The oppressive heat & humidity that has been present throughout the summer has finally lifted. It’s been perfect outside — not too hot, not too cold. I…

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  • Wild + Free // You can change or stay the same.

    Dena July 31, 2017

    Here’s what I know. Life doesn’t get better, you get better. You wake up every morning and you are given an opportunity. You can leave your bed blankets in a heap, or your can make your bed and admire its simple beauty. You can feel…

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