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Keeping Our Bathroom Fresh

Thank you Angel Soft® for sponsoring this post. Ditch the spray and switch to Angel Soft® with Fresh Lavender-Scented Tube. Lately, I’ve found myself wondering if I am running a household or a zoo, in the best way possible. The population of our house has exploded over these last couple of years as we brought…


I always have.

“And now that you don’t have to be perfect, you can be good.” I am sitting at my desk. It’s Monday morning. I am trying to work but mostly I’m just distracted by the beautiful cacophonous laughter of my babies playing in the next room, as well as the endless stream of social media ever-waiting…

Woodstock Travel Guide

Travel Guide: Woodstock, New York

Woodstock has been on my travel bucket-list for awhile. Most people equate Woodstock with tie-dye, hippies and the 3-day outdoor music festival, but that festival did not actually take place there. It took place in Bethel, about 1.5 hours southwest. Still, Woodstock has become a beautiful bohemian destination in its own right. My recent trip…

Easter 2019

Easter 2019

Once Easter arrives it always feels like spring is truly here. We celebrated the day with family, Easter egg hunts, and lots of love. On the night before Easter, after I tucked my babies into bed, I told them the story of the Resurrection for the first time. Although they had heard it in church…

like dreams;

they look like dreams;

“My mouth is a fire escape. The words coming out don’t know that they are naked there is something burning in here.” –Andrea Gibson December// We are sitting in a hot tub in the dead of winter, falling in love. It is far below freezing outside but the water is warm like wet fire. I…