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Easter 2019

Easter 2019

Once Easter arrives it always feels like spring is truly here. We celebrated the day with family, Easter egg hunts, and lots of love. On the night before Easter, after I tucked my babies into bed, I told them the story of the Resurrection for the first time. Although they had heard it in church…

like dreams;

they look like dreams;

“My mouth is a fire escape. The words coming out don’t know that they are naked there is something burning in here.” –Andrea Gibson December// We are sitting in a hot tub in the dead of winter, falling in love. It is far below freezing outside but the water is warm like wet fire. I…

5 Tips for Energy for Busy Mamas

5 Tips for More Energy

Thank you to the makers of 5-hour™ TEA shots for sponsoring this post. The last seven months of my life have been incredibly transformational. It all started a year ago, when I restarted my yoga practice in February of 2018. For me, yoga is a game-changer. It provides me with a completely different way of…